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    An action-oriented organization engaging business, education and community leaders in meaningful policy discussions that lead to real results and meaningful outcomes.

    Convene. Connect. Collaborate. Create.

  • STRONG public schools = a STRONGER economy

  • The Arizona Business & Education Coalition (ABEC) is the coalition of Arizona business and education leaders committed to help create public education policy essential to a vibrant, growing Arizona economy.  The coalition is a 501(c)(3), non-partisan, statewide membership organization focused on K-12 public education, while recognizing the importance of early childhood development, post-secondary education and workforce development.


    What we do.

    • Convene - ABEC provides reliable information and insight on education and convenes regular forums to increase members' knowledge and ability to impact K-12 education's direction and quality.

    • Connect - ABEC offers ongoing opportunity for statewide networking between and among education and business leaders, and direct access to the people who are shaping Arizona education policy and practice.

    • Collaborate - Building on its strong reputation, ABEC collaborates with other major stakeholders in framing and advocating informed policy positions to key decision makers.

    • Create - ABEC leads the creation of a nonpartisan environment and platform for shaping long term education policy and financing, built on hard facts and practical experience.


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  • Convene. Connect. Collaborate. Create.