• Business-Education Partnerships

  • Overview


    ABEC was formed by Arizona's business and education leaders who understand that our future economic success is directly linked to the success of our K-12 schools. Businesses and school districts in Arizona have already created successful partnerships and programs that directly support student achievement. However, there is no local or state organization dedicated to supporting and recognizing best practices in business-education partnerships.

    Education is a shared responsibility among all community stakeholders: the family unit, the educational provider and future employers. In its commitment to improve student achievement and strengthen the state's future workforce, ABEC has realized that there is a need and strong interest from various stakeholders for more quality partnerships between schools and businesses. Such quality partnerships will ultimately lead to improved student achievement and a stronger work force of tomorrow.

    Not all business leaders actively advocate for specific public policy issues; but many are interested in public K-12 schools and are willing to assist. Many businesses are looking to invest their time and money into education, but want to be certain that their investments are tied to results.

    The ABEC Business-Education Partnership Initiative recognizes best practices and provide examples to schools and businesses for developing and maintaining partnerships that support student achievement in public education. This initiative also provides information to businesses and schools on how to create, implement, evaluate, and sustain such programs in Arizona. As the program expands, ABEC will continue to provide concrete examples of how business-education partnerships have succeeded throughout Arizona.

    If you are currently involved in a partnership or are interested in creating or improving a partnership in Arizona's K-12 public schools, we urge you to explore and participate in this Initiative.