• Our Policy Interests

  • ABEC strives to:

    • Build meaningful relationships with elected officials, opinion-leaders, school officials and the business community, and identify issues of common interest.

    • Be an information resource for elected officials and the community on K-12 public education issues such as school finance, regulations, data collection, standards and more.

    • Create a “safe place” for discussing issues related to K-12 public education and identify ways all parties to find common ground.

    • Serve as a unified voice on policies that advance education.


    ABEC Policy Interests:

    Standards and Assessments – Continue to move forward and properly fund the implementation of “high standards and assessments” already in place for ALL students.

    Relationships – Coalesce business, K-12 education, opinion-leaders, and elected officials to create solutions that are sustainable and long-term, based on common interests.

    Economic Impact – Ensure the State’s economic growth by recognizing that K-12 public education is a key driver and contributes to a higher quality of life for ALL Arizonans.

    Regulations – Eliminate onerous and costly regulations that reduce administrative efficiencies and impede teachers’ abilities to teach in the classroom.

    Excellent Educators & Accountability – Adopt and implement fair and practical academic and fiscal accountability measures to ensure success for all of Arizona’s schools, teachers and students.

    School Finance – Continue to engage a proactive dialogue with elected officials, business, K-12 education and opinion-leaders regarding Arizona’s school finance system, and work together to determine the best funding model that will yield top results.